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How Law Enforcement can utilize the
Wisconsin Crime Alert Network


Law enforcement can use the

Crime Alert System in 2 ways and both are at NO COST




Receiving Alerts
Any sworn law enforcement officer, dispatcher, or criminal analyst in Wisconsin may sign up at no cost to receive crime alerts. When an alert is sent out all law enforcement officers who have signed up to receive alerts and are located in the geographic area selected by the sender will receive a copy of that alert.

To receive alerts just fill out the following form

Are you a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer, Dispatcher, or Criminal Analyst?

Please fill out the reCAPTCHA prior to submitting

To sign up All Officers and Dispatchers

in your department

Fill out the Attached form

Sign Up All Officers and Dispatchers Form

and email to

(Email Addresses listed must be official addresses)


Want to Send Alerts?

Only sworn law enforcement officers, criminal analysts, and dispatchers may send out crime alerts. To become authorized to send out alerts an officer or dispatcher must attend a 45-minute online training which can be taken at anytime and from any computer.

Register for the online training to send out alerts

For questions please contact Crime Alert Office at 608-240-3597

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