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How the System Works
Wisconsin Crime Alert Network

The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network from the Wisconsin Department of Justice allows local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies to send out crime alert bulletins to businesses and the public targeting recipients based upon type of business and location.

Law Enforcement Officers from throughout the State of Wisconsin will be sending out alerts about crime and criminal suspects. The officer will select which of approximately 50 groups should receive the alert. Groups will include pharmacies, convenience stores, and banks, as well as organizations and agencies such as neighborhood watch, hospitals and schools/universities, and private citizens. Officers can also upload photos to send with the alert. Next the officer will select a geographic area to receive the alert. Once the officer sends the alert it goes out instantaneously to recipients.

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Information from law enforcement will come right to your email, cell phone text, or fax machine, and real time when you need it most.
The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is used for:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Finding Stolen Property
  • Identifying Suspects
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Notifying public about Police Action

All Alerts are TIMELY, RELEVANT, and ACTIONABLE for the recipient



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